In Astoria, Oregon at the start of bicycling across America

Travel with Alice Honeywell and Bobbi Montgomery as they bicycle into retirement. Leaving their families behind in Wisconsin and Ohio, they fly to the West Coast, pile their bicycles with gear, and pedal from Astoria, Oregon,  to Bar Harbor, Maine, powered by the strength of their legs and a desire for adventure.

Along their 3,600-mile journey, they test and deepen their friendship, defy aches and pains, experience the vast and varied beauty of their country’s terrain, and discover the challenges and satisfaction of a scaled-down lifestyle. Best of all, they encounter unfailing generosity from people they meet—from a North Dakota woman who prays for their safekeeping, to the offer of a lake house in Michigan, to invitations for dinner and a place to sleep at stops all along the way.

See the interview with Alice and Bobbi and an excerpt from the book published in the AARP Bulletin.

Great news! Kirkus Reviews has picked Across America by Bicycle as one of the best nonfiction books of 2010–in the category called “Pleasant Surprises.”

More good news–Best Book of the Year Award (in the Travel Essays category) from Foreword Reviews, the review magazine for books from independent publishers. The award was announced at the May 2011 meeting of the American Library Association.

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“A heartfelt account of crossing America on two wheels from a pair of gutsy women. Alice and Bobbi prove it’s never too late to put a dream into high gear and let the road reveal a country and the true meaning of friendship.”

Joe Kurmaskie, author of Metal Cowboy, Momentum is Your Friend, and Mud, Sweat and Gears

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See the story published by AARP!

Picked by Kirkus Reviews as one of the Best Books of 2010.
     The category:  Pleasant Surprises!

An excerpt from Kirkus, September 15, 2010:

“…Told with panache and a wholesome, modest sensibility, Honeywell and Montgomery’s voyage became a supreme exercise in patience, determination, self-sufficiency and unwavering friendship. And the daring duo isn’t finished—a north-south, border-to-border trip is in the works. Exhilarating fun and good motivation for armchair adventurers.”

Booklist, September 15, 2010

How can you not like this book? …Alice and Bobbi are immensely likable people; their cheerfulness and determination bring a smile to your face. When you finish the book, you might think: well, that was a lot of fun; maybe I ought to do something similar.”

Library Journal, September 1, 2010

“Honeywell and Montgomery…explore what it means to live the pared-down existence of loaded touring as they pedal slowly enough to enjoy the beauty of the country. [They] also discuss their equipment, time management, and the ever-important aspect of all cycling journeys—locating and consuming lots of food.”

Perceptive Travel (Web Magazine), March 2011

Bobbi and Alice’s interactions with people on the road, both other bikers and non-cyclists, provide continuous surprises and interest . . . . While I’ve often read books I consider inspiring, this one has helped me commit to my next adventure. . . . Though I’m not yet granny-aged, I hope to perform as well — and have as good a time — as these two.

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